About Operation Giveback and the KW Guardian Angels

Keller Williams’ Operation Giveback is a 90-day exercise in creative fund raising. It embraces the real values and beliefs of Keller Williams through activities that expand culture, build character, and give back to the local community we serve. It is a program launched at Keller Williams Realty International and implemented at the local office level. Each office has teams of individual agents who have volunteered their time to raise money for charities of their causes, using the events and activities they choose.

The KW Guardian Angels

This is the team of individual agents at the Sarasota/Lakewood Ranch office of Keller Williams who have launched Jammin’ For A Cause to benefit the Pulmonary Hypertension Association and Tidewell Hospice. Each member is a volunteer, donating their time and skills to take this fundraising event from concept to reality. They are:

Carmen and Enzo Anzellini

Tom Wentzel

Angeles Radford

Kandace Donnelly

Brenda Haenel

Vikki Keyser

Preston Larus

And a special acknowledgement to the CEO of Keller Williams Sarasota/Lakewood Ranch, Paul Cornuke, who decided to take this campaign on and enlist us all in the process!


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